Understanding the Varicose Veins and How You Can Reduce or Prevent Them


What do you understand about the varicose veins? Varicose veins usually arise from pregnancy, sitting down for long hours, and aging. Some also tend to run in your family lineage. Varicose veins are generally larger than normal veins and commonly found on the legs; they are twisted and can be in blue, red, or fresh color. In the article below, you will understand the different methods of reducing them, including using other gels such as Ultraven and having the best skin. 


  • What Causes the Varicose Veins 

The human body’s veins are responsible for returning blood that does not have oxygen back to the heart. The body also has tiny valves that, throughout the veins, stop the blood from flowing backward. However, if the valves become weak or damaged, the blood flows backward, resulting in varicose veins. It mostly appears on the legs because the leg’s veins get lots of pressure to return blood to the heart. Below are some risk factors that may increase the likelihood of one to have varicose veins, they include; 

  1. Getting older
  2. Sitting down for long hours 
  3. Genetic history of people with varicose veins in your family
  4. Being overweight
  5. Sun exposure which may cause varicose veins on your face
  6. Pregnancy as the uterus places extra pressure on your veins 
  • Preventing Varicose Veins 

Some of the possible ways of preventing varicose veins include: 

  1. Exercise regularly to improve the circulation of blood
  2. Dieting and exercising to maintain a healthy weight
  3. Avoid crossing your legs if you are sitting for long hours
  4. Wearing support stockings that provide mild pressure and encourage the flow of blood to return
  5. Cutting down on salt and excessive intake of sodium
  6. Avoid excessively tight clothes around the waist, groin, and upper legs, as this can restrict blood flow back to the heart
  • Some Of The Oils and Gel for Varicose Veins 

Horse chestnut essential oil: The chestnut seed extract can be prepared as a gel or a tablet. What it does is help reduce the swelling, pain, and itchiness. It does that because it keeps the small sections of the veins from breaking down. You can take it as a tablet or gel, but all are effective. 

Sea pine essential oil: It can reduce swelling in the person’s legs as it contains an anti-inflammatory action. Compared to the horse chestnut essential oil, it has the potential to reduce the pain you can feel. If you think the pain is too much, switch to the sea pine oil. 

The Ultraven gel: It treats the problems that lead to varicose veins. A team of doctors developed the formula; its main focus was having natural remedies. The gel is also used to find immediate relief from the pain and swelling. Applying it following its instructions, there are chances that you will experience stiffness, tiredness, and heaviness on your legs. 



Through the article, you have learned about what varicose vein is, its cause, and how you can prevent or treat them. However, before you start using any medication, it is recommended that you consult a physician who will explain it to you in detail, as most drugs have harmful side effects.  


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